TWIN TURBO 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo




2004 Gallardo
Over 900 Horsepower at the motor
Enzo Racing Twin Turbo kit 4.5 pounds of Boost only! using Garrett Turbos
(seen here
Eurocharged tuned
ETMC custom Methanol kit
ETMC custom interior. Suede center on seats and door panels with Yellow stitching. dash lower done is black suede. This is all less then 6 months old all of it looks brand new still! The Yellow stitching really makes the interior look up to date.
ETMC custom stereo system with 2 Subs between the seats, and back up camera. It has 2 6.5 inch speakers installed behind the seats in the sub box sides. Door Speakers were also changed out. Stereo sounds amazing!
Exotic Carbon clutch around 7000 miles on the clutch. These clutches last TONS longer then the stock clutches and this clutch has only had the Turbos on it for less then 2000 miles!!! SO there is a TON of life left in it! I personally know of First gen TT lambos that get 40+K miles out of these clutches and some 60+K
Carbon fiber front splitter
Carbon fiber rear defuser
Carbon fiber spoiler
Carbon fiber engine bay
Forged Formula 43 wheels
Carbon fiber front grills
Carbon Fiber Wrapped rear vents
Optima Red Top battery new
Tons of new stuff replaced in the last few years old owner replaced everything at scheduled maintenance times. Oil pump shaft work AC compressor alternator lots of new parts.
over 100k invested into car in the last 4 years. Just the Turbo kit, interior, front splitter, and stereo was $65K into the car in the last year.TONS of receipts from years and years. All Fluids just changed in transmission,rear end, and motor.
Parts replaced and mileage replaced at
Hydro Pump E gear Replaced around 35,000 miles
Wheels replaced 2013
Replaced Alternator 34,000 miles
A/C compressor and shaft,oil pump gear and drive mech 5/2016 39,000miles
Clutch Kevlar Clutch 39,000 miles
Brakes 42,000 miles
Twin Turbos 2019 replaced at 44,000 miles

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