92 Acura NSX



I have had a lot of questions about breaking the car up or buying options. I'll take $1500 if the buyer doesn't want the TE's and another $1000 if they don't want the stock parts. That would put the price at $36,499, making this the cheapest clean title 5 speed car out there right now. $38,999 with wheels and stock parts.

Youtube link to the dyno

Hi Everyone, decided to put my NSX on the market officially. It's just going up on Prime 1st in the hopes someone in the community will buy and take care of it. I absolutely love this car, it's probably the best car I've ever owned, but my space is limited and I have other cars I want to experience. The car is in great condition despite getting up there in mileage (168k), it never hesitates to start or perform as expected in any weather at any time. I have a lot of documentation from previous owners for service and parts. My own ownership has been DIY so it will be mostly parts receipts. I have been around with the car for about 5 years now, many in the community know it well. So that said I'm just going to post a basic mod/service list and a bunch of pics. In addition to whats listed many other parts have been replaced by POs, the crank pulley for example, valve cover gastets etc... there's just too much to list in one post but I'll do the bigger line items. Anyone interested is very welcome to come by and check out the car and all the documentation I have.

Please also note the pic with the car looking unmodded with generic wheels is just to show the additional set of wheels that are also included.

Clean title in hand

Dyno vid

STMPO carbon fiber sun visors
Zanardi mats
Pioneer stereo
JDM Navpod with nexus 6
Momo Tuner wheel
Type R hub
Type R Horn with type R horn trim
Sos short shifter stalk
Sos shift knob
Flocked center and door switch trim
Carbon fiber suboofer enclosure with sub and integrated amp

TE36's on 17x8.5+30 fronts on Michelin Pilot sport and Rears 18x10.5+22 on s4's
Bespoke rear garnish with SOS style mesh
SOS carbin fiber rear diffuser mounted bespoke with mesh trim
Carfon Fiber mirror flag trim
LED Corner lights
JDM Honda emblems
JDM Tails and Center
shifter bushign changed
Bodega HIDs
Front air inlets all SOS style mesh

Clutch replaced with stock unit, new throwout and trans fluid.
Rear main seal changed
vtech solinoid seals changed
Clutch master and slave replaced
Odyseey battery with billit mount and new ground terminal.
Rear engine mount replaced with poly, have rest of set.
Pride v2 exhaust with SOS headers and unknown testpipes

Beilstein struts, eibach springs on lower perch
Carbon 6 compliance clamps
drilled slotted rotors
Cedar Ridge end links

Extra Parts
Stock corner lights
Poly engine mounts
fat 5's
Stock steering wheel
Stock rear garnish
Generic wheel set
Carbon fiber air intake scoop
Stock engine cover
Stock spare tire mount & spare
Stock center vents flocked
Stock Muffler
Additional set of generic wheels that were on the car from PO

About due for timing belt
LMAs tick
AC has small leak

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