2006 Lotus Exige




Up for sale is an authentic 2006 Lotus Exige with 25k miles. This is not a kit car. It's a mid-engine vehicle powered by a 190hp 4 cylinder with a 6 speed manual. If you don't know much about these cars, they're designed as track vehicles with minimal creature comforts but maximum handling. The car weighs about 2,100 lbs so it feels quick and nimble. It's in very good condition for its age, with extra low miles on the clock. Comes with over $1K worth of exposed carbon fiber body parts. If you're looking for a truly exotic vehicle that few are fortunate to own, this is it!

Please note it has a rebuilt title. This is common as these cars are expensive for insurance companies to repair, so they typically "total" the vehicle if it's involved in a minor accident, as this car was. This vehicle is now certified rebuilt, NOT a salvage. What's the difference? It can still be insured and has been certified structurally sound, no frame damage in the accident. I pay less than $100 monthly for comprehensive insurance through GEICO.

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