2005 Lotus Elise




Selling an Elise that I bought and fixed up a little from a fellow track guy. I was going to fix it all the way, but I have to go back to work next week so I will take a shot as selling it as is first. The car drives and looks amazing, easily the best of the cars I have owned and anyone that sees it in person will 100% buy it. Can deliver in TX and will help with shipping etc.

99,300 miles
Salvage history for a small crack in the rear clam. There were no clams available at the time of the impact and as such the only option was a total. It now has a clean TX title in hand after the PO got a loan and then had the lein removed, I understand this happens in TX. I have a Carfax and can send pics of the title.

The Good:
Touring and sport pack
The paint is excellent for the mileage. The starshield except on the rockers is great.
New MWR engine 2000 miles ago.
Titan quick rack.
Radium overflow tank
Radium quick clam removal kit.
Upgraded oil pan, S111 toe links, ACT clutch, Fidanza flywheel, DBA rotors, GLoc pads.
Ethos 15/16" wheels with R888R
Leather center console.
Good bushings and balljoints, very clean underbody and wheel wells.
I ran 2:40 with it at COTA saturday in the heat.

The Bad:
AC works but is currently turned on and off by connecting two wires in the cockpit. The problem is the wire out of the switch pack to the thermostat area I am 99% sure after a few hours troubleshooting.
Intermittent CEL from the purge valve and decat.
Intermittent Airbag light from the drivers airbag connector, showing the code for high resistance.
Guage cluster is intermittent, it is the top connector with just 3 wires, if you just touch it it works again.
Needs a CDL module, I ordered one, but it came bad too, it's a trivial swap and $100.
Crack in the rear clam from a low speed impact. It has been like this for a while and isn't getting worse and it's not that noticeable.
Rocker starshield is marked up and very cracked. Depending on your future use of the car you will want to repaint. There is a small area under the rocker where the starshield and paint are worn away by tire thrown stones etc.
Missing front grille and FR small wheel liner.

Options available:
Nitron Track shocks +$800
Larani below diffuser muffler + S111 decat +$600
LSS wheels with 2 new and 2 almost new RE-71R +$1000
I am open to fixing other issues even the crack in the clam for additional cost with a deposit in place.

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