1995 Toyota Supra


1995 Toyota Supra

Original TT car. Original automatic; converted to a V160 6 speed. 72,249 miles (will go up slightly). All vin tags present minus hood having different VIN # (had TRD hood, OEM hood put back on from another car).

Car was owned by Dana of Virtual Works Racing. It was a DSPORT cover car under his ownership - https://dsportmag.com/the-cars/daily-driver-seven-second-supra-owner/?fbclid=IwAR3_a8OZLF__jfiTnkSaUcZdDGCPa24KVtTLO7Z1j1xK_GkenBYlbChTHec

High res photos - https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPLznwgPK4c7091ETHy6vl3d_9ajnHq2XFCI44xiNz1lL4SDEq7oWTzNAmVQfShHQ?fbclid=IwAR3fj4qz3Zb_QSPL3B4hDAg2U9N8GH_lLgSNCs0SV9UH4d8XCkg-Q9yhZas&key=aFVsRU5keGN4ZWs2c0MwcDJjOE9qZV8yZGxtZlhR

Asking price is $115,000.

Open to the following trades only:
• 997.2 GT3 RS, stock, white or PTS, perfect DME, perfect inspection, low mileage, ideally single owner (with cash from me)
• RX7 FD R1 / R2, stock or easily reversible BPU, original paint, showroom condition, low mileage (with cash from you)

Build sheet is below:
• VWR built 3.0 short block, Carrillo HD rods, JE 9:1 pistons, ACL bearings, L19 head studs, boost logic billet tensioner, boost logic crank dampner
• VWR built head, Ferrea +1mm intake/exhaust valves, Ferrea dual springs / retainers, HKS 272 cams (intake / exhaust)
• VWR Midframe GT4294R turbo kit, Twin scroll header, twin Precision 46mm wastegates, 4 inch stainless downpipe, midpipe, and full 4 inch catback.
• VWR Intake manifold and 90mm Accufab throttle body, 4 inch charge pipe
• VWR Race Intercooler core with HKS SSV3 BOV
• VWR Spark plug cover
• VWR 6" intake and breather setup
• VWR ABS delete with steel braided lines
• HKS Twin power DLI
• HKS KNOCK AMP w/ display
• RPS Twin Carbon clutch
• Getrag v160 6 speed transmission with ~5000 miles on it
• KOYO Aluminum radiator
• FIC 1200cc Fuel system, ¬10 Feed, Weldon regulator, Dual 485 fuel pumps
• TRD differential
• TRD wing
• TRD tachometer
• TRD steering wheel
• Wings West front lip
• Bomex sideskirts
• Tein flex coilovers with polished pillow mounts
• HRE 595R wheels 19 x 11 rear and 18 x 9 front (Nitto NT05R on rear / NTO5 up front)
• VWR battery box and relocation to rear
• VWR power cut off switch
• 6 point roll cage
• 1998 headlights and tail lights
• Fuse box relocation
• Stainless counter sunk bolts/washers throughout engine bay
• Engine bay shave and wire harness tuck
• Custom red color w/ pearl underlay on fenders / mirrors (only seen in certain light)

No test drives. No joy rides. Inspections can be done at my shop (by you) or at Ishii Motors in Bellevue Washington (supra experts in region and know this car / have worked on it).