1995 Lamborghini Diablo


Clean title, 11k Miles! Ok...after purchasing a V12 Diablo and coming to terms with myself that I didn't want the expense of the V12 or any part of it defaulting from engine parts to either of the two computers. I have an hour commute to town and putting a lot of mileage on a Diablo isn't the greatest idea for appreciation, I wanted an exotic to put miles on without worry. So...after some simple deciding I came to a conclusion. Sold the V12 and purchased another '95 fire damaged Diablo without the drivetrain, restored it with a new built famous corvette LS3. Afterwards (8 years later) I felt so much better, no need to worry about expensive parts...if you can even get them. Now these drivetrain parts are readily available everywhere and reasonably priced, was able to increase the horse power from 492 to 550, lighten the vehicle weight by yep...a few hundred pounds, no more high dollar clutch replacements or services while almost doubling fuel mileage. The LS is mated to a Porsche 911 G-50 gearbox w/taller 4th and 5th gear, limited slip diff, billet end plate and cable side shifter. The interior is black leather and alcantara with orange stitching After completing the project took it on a road trip from Nevada to Colorado and back, it was finally nice to drive an Exotic without worries, best mileage was 23.8 mpg. I did add some creature comforts during the restoration, hidden cup holders and heated seats...probably the only Diablo out there that has them along with an incredible sound system. To me the Lamborghini Murcielago Hercules wheels compliment the Diablo and help update the car very well. I don't drive the car much anymore do to traveling and find it a waste to put so much in a car and not use it, don't need to sell but figured on putting it out there to see if it's meant to be in the hands of someone else. Saw other Lamborghinis on craigslist so figured I'd give it a go. The car does have a clean and clear Nevada Lamborghini title...not salvaged...or home built also comes with some spare parts...sorry guys...can't do trades. Also, if the add is running it's still for sale. If it doesn't sell then it's possibly meant to be I'm suppose to keep and finish her off with some turbos...always wanted to do that to this car. Any other info needed please email me, I do reply as promptly as possible.

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